DJ - FAQ's

Mission, Vission & Values

We have a talented staff of professionals who work exclusively with UltraSound Special Events Inc., each of which are consistently evaluated with performance evaluations from previous clients. Performance evaluations are sent to each client and returned to our entertainment office. Because of this we know that our DJ's provide excellent service. We will assign a DJ best suited to your reception or we offer "exclusive request" rates for specific talent.
When you add on all the other events that our DJs and MCs have performed at, the experience and skill that our team can deliver is exceptional.
By booking with the Company, if one of our staff becomes ill or cannot make your event, we have staff to make the changes necessary so you are not inconvenienced. Everyone has called in sick one time or another, imagine if it was your DJ on your wedding day?.
We are a team of professionals so you can book with confidence! Although this might be a valid concern, we will not miss a gig and are prepared to deal with emergencies. Communication in our office provides 24 hour notification of a staff member.
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90% of our business is referral, so we feel our company isn't playing bad music? We play from an extensive song list of time tested favorites and new music. We obtain our music as they are released for radio play and do not have to wait for album releases. The request forms and online tools we provide through our website allow us to provide specific song titles you might request for your traditional dances involved with a wedding ceremony or reception. Our music selection allows us to create the special moments and/or create the energy necessary for a successful event.
What type of equipment do you have?
Our company was established in 1990 and has the experience of building some great sound systems. With that experience we've also found that no one has ever asked- Could you please turn it up? Our goal is to provide music at appropriate levels and support the entertainment value of the night with an attractive light show, not provide speakers on steroids or haul in damaged equipment not representative of a first class event. Talk to us about the size of your event and we can provide a sound and lighting system appropriate for the atmosphere you want to create. Huge concert sound, the right size sound, sophisticated LED Uplighting, or dazzling light shows!
Do you just provide music or entertainment?
Yes, We wrote this question because I think we all agree there is a difference. The easiest part of any DJ's job is pressing play. Our staff is conscious of music selection, playing appropriate requests, what it means to have a personality, and the overall general entertainment value beyond- just push play. When booking with any entertainment company, the differences in pricing are almost always placed with the experience of staff, emcee skills and entertainment value of the services provided. We emphasize and provide services that are a hybrid of entertainment and hospitality. Be confident and BE AWARE should a DJ company be charging unbelievably low rates.
How does UltraSound differ from other DJ services?
We are driven to provide the best service because playing music isn't a hobby for us, it is our business! Our staff will contact you prior to your wedding day to follow up on your wedding request information. It is important to us that nothing is left to chance and we continue to maintain our great reputation for quality DJ services. We have a substantial investment in the quality of our services and experience. We are a professional service in business since 1990!
How do we go about booking your services?
Although we make use of all the modern technology available to our Company, there is no substitute for the personal service that needs to be applied to your wedding day. Contact us forms are available on our site or we preffer you call us toll free during normal business hours. We want to know about your wedding plans and provide information about us! We want to be the right fit for you and encourage you to contact us to discuss your wedding plans. Through discussion we can determine what is right for your entertainment needs. Our number is 1-800-917-8683 or 1-888-966-8225.
Will my DJ take requests on the night?
Ideally, yes. If you allow us to take requests, we will take requests. It is certainly our preference to do so as then we can tailor the music to the needs of your guests and thus create a more memorable event for you. We will not play any songs that stray in to the genres of music that we know you don’t like based on your do not play list.
Can I see you working live at an event or wedding?
Privacy expectations of most Australians means that we don’t allow potential clients to attend the private events of our existing clients. You can see videos of us performing at private functions on our Youtube channel . Ask us which public venues we supply DJs to on a regular basis if you want to see one of our tem members in action!